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These Regulations describe the principles of shopping at an online shop managed by the Seller, at the following address: www.seaab.eu


The Seller: “SEAAB” Arkadiusz BARTOSIEWICZ registered at the following address 97-320 Wolbórz, Bronisławów ul. Żeglarska 36, Poland, and VAT No: PL7711972942,

hereinafter also referred to as "Service Provider".

Contact with the Service Provider is possible in the following way:

by email: office@seaab.eu

§ 1 Definitions

1. Regulations - these regulations. Within the scope of services provided electronically, these Regulations are compliant with the applicable Polish and EU laws.

2. Customer (Buyer) - natural person at least 16 years of age, whereas if the person is not 18 years of age, a consent of this person's statutory representative is required; a legal person or an organisational unit not being a legal person to which special provisions of the law assign a legal capacity, who places and Order or intends to place an Order or uses other services of the Online Shop (including also a Consumer).

3. Subject of transaction - Goods listed and described on the website of the Online Shop. The Seller will act with best efforts so that the offer available on the website is up to date. If any of the Ordered Goods are unavailable, the Seller shall immediately notify the Buyer about the situation by telephone or email.

4. Goods - a movable item to which the Sales Contract relates.

5. Additional Service - a service provided by the Service Provider to the benefit of the Customer, besides the Online Shop in connection to the character of the products sold.

6. Product – Goods and Additional Services presented in the Online Shop.

7. Sales Contract - a sales contract covering Products, concluded between the Service Provider and Customer by remote means of communication.

8. "SEAAB" Online Shop – online service available at www.seaab.eu, through which the Customer can purchase a Product.

9. Party - Service Provider and Customer.

10. Shop Website – each site or subpage located at the following addresses: www.seaab.eu

11. Order – the Customer's statement of will clearly specifying the type and quantity of Products that is the direct basis for concluding a Sales Contract remotely via the Online Shop.

§ 2 General Principles

1. A precondition for the Buyer submitting the Order in the Online Shop is the fact of reading these Regulations and accepting their provisions at the time of Order execution.

2. “SEAAB” Online shop offers wholesale and retail services via the Internet.

3. All Products offered in “SEAAB” shop are new, supplied in original packaging, free from physical and legal defects, and they have been legally entered onto the EU market.

§ 3 Placing Orders

1. All prices specified on www.seaab.eu are gross prices expressed in PLN and EURO. The prices specified do not include shipping costs.

2. Orders are accepted via the website or by email.

3. Orders placed via the website can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.

4. The Order is effective once the Buyer fills out the order form correctly and provides contact details, including the full address to which the Goods are to be sent, telephone number and email address.

5. If the data is incomplete, the Seller will contact the Buyer. If contact with the Buyer is not possible, the Seller will have the right to cancel the order.

6. The Buyer grants their consent for issuing and sending electronic settlement documents by email to the address indicated, in the form of an electronic image, specifically such documents as: invoices with attachments, corrective invoices with attachments and forms.

7. When placing the Order, the Buyer may grant their consent for including their personal data in the Seller's Online Shop's database in order to process such data for purposes related to executing the Order. In the case of granting a consent, the Buyer has the right to access their data, to correct it or request its removal.

8. The Buyer may use the option of the system remembering their data in order to simplify the process of submitting another Order. For this purpose, the Buyer should specify a login and password required for obtaining access to their account. The Customer's login constitutes the email address specified by them. The password is a set of characters defined by the Customer. The Customer's password is not known by the Seller and the Customer is obliged to keep it in secret and protect it against unauthorised access of third parties.

9. After the Customer submits an order successfully, they will receive an automated response from the Shop confirming order acceptance.

10. The time for starting Order execution is equal to the time when the payment is credited to the bank account specified in the Order confirmation in the case of payment by transfer, or the moment when the Order is placed in the case of payment by card or payment on collection.

§ 4 Costs and shipping time

1. The Goods are shipped to the address indicated in the order form or in the email. The Shop will notify the Customer immediately about an incorrectly filled out order form which makes it impossible to complete the shipment or which may delay it.

2. The Goods are shipped by specialised courier companies (UPS, DHL, DPD, Fedex, TNT) or via Polish Post.

3. The shipment is made according to the date specified with each Product on the website. It is equal to the date of shipping the Product. With payment option selected as "transfer" or "payment by card or online transfer", the shipment is delivered with an addition of the period required for the funds being credited to the bank account of the Shop (usually 1-2 business days) and time of completing the delivery by a courier company or Polish Post.

4. The Buyer shall incur the costs of delivery (shipping) specified in the transport price list. The amount of costs depends on the type of transport and payment method. The Buyer can access the price list at any time by clicking "delivery cost".

§ 5 Payments

1. We issue a receipt or a proof of purchase with name (invoice) to all Goods sold.

2. Payment for the ordered Goods may take place via an electronic payment system (Przelewy24.pl/PayPro) or by transfer to the Shop's bank account.

3. In the case of some types of the product range, the Service Provider reserves the right to limit the payment method by excluding availability of some payment options on the website.

§ 6 Collection of Goods

1. Deliveries are made on the territory of the European Union. Deliveries of Goods beyond the territory of the EU require costs of shipping and any possible customs duty fees to be determined in each case.

2. Prior to collecting a shipment from the post office or a courier, check whether the packaging was not damaged in transport. Specific attention should be paid particularly to the condition of tapes or seals on the packaging. If the package of the shipment shows signs of damage or the seals (tapes) are broken, do not accept the parcel, prepare a damage report in presence of the courier and contact the Seller as soon as possible to resolve the issue. If no irregularities are recorded in terms of the quantity or quality of the shipment when collecting it, this can have a negative impact on the result of processing any claims of the Customer due to damage or theft of the shipment in transport.

§ 7 Withdrawal from the contract

1. A Consumer who concluded a contract remotely has the right to withdraw from it without specifying the reason by submitting the appropriate written statement. However, it is limited in time and the period for the above is 14 days. The above period cannot be exceeded and starts from the date of receiving the item, whereas if the contract regards service provision, it starts from the date of concluding such a contract. In order to keep this deadline, a statement has to be sent prior to its lapse.

2. The right indicated in this section regards consumer sales, hence it applies only to sales made to a natural person who makes a purchase for purposes not related to professional or business activity.

3. Goods returned in this mode will be accepted only if returned as complete, and the Product or accessories are not damaged and will not display traces of use proving that the product was used for other purpose than for checking.

4. According to the law, the following products cannot be returned: products with properties specified by the Consumer in an order submitted by them or strictly associated to the Consumer, provisions which cannot be returned due to their character. This applies primarily to products manufactured upon an individual order without manufacturing defects.

5. In the case of exercising the right to withdrawal from the contract, the returned Goods should be sent at the Customer's expense to the registered office of the Service Provider.

6. The return shipment should include a written statement on withdrawal from the contract as well as the bank account number to which the refund is to be made.

7. Within two business days from receiving the Goods along with a statement on withdrawal, the shop will check the Product. If the Goods meet the requirements specified in §6(3), a corrective invoice will be issued. The original and copy of the invoice will be sent to the Customer by email. The Customer should send the copy of the corrective invoice to the following address office@seaab.eu . After its receipt, the Shop will make a refund of the payment to the indicated bank account of the Customer, within 3 business days.

 §8 Complaint procedure

1. The Products come with a manufacturer's, importer's or seller's warranty applicable in the EU. Detailed conditions of executing the warranty are specified in the warranty card issued by the guarantor / manufacturer. The Buyer may also execute the complaint procedure under the Warranty through the Seller.

2. If the warranty is issued by the Service Provider, the Product should be sent to the Service Provider's address at the latter's expense.

3. A fixed Product is sent back to the Customer at the expense of the Service Provider.

4. If the Goods are not compliant with the contract, the Goods subject to the complaint along with a statement specifying the type of non-compliances and the expectations regarding the method of executing our obligations should be sent to the Service Provider at the latter's expense.

5. Complaint procedure wiil be consider in limited time, maximum 14 days from the date of receiving the item.

§ 9 Privacy Policy and personal data protection

1. The controller of personal data provided by customers of the https://seaab.eu online shop in connection with the purchase of goods there is: "SEAAB" Arkadiusz BARTOSIEWICZ available at the following address: 97-320 Wolbórz, Bronisławów ul. Żeglarska 36, conducting business activity subject to registration in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity under number NIP (Tax Identification Number): 771-197-29-42, Regon (Registration Number): 592181767, phone: +48 509 287 162, e-mail address: office@seaab.eu , hereinafter alternatively  referred to as the "Seller".

2. For the purpose of contract performance, the Seller shall require the following data: first and last name, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address.

3. The Seller shall register the Customer's consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose specified in item 4; the Customer shall have the right to withdraw the consent at any time and the right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

4. Personal data is processed solely for the purpose of performing contracts of sale of goods available on the Seller's website, i.e. https://seaab.eu . For the purpose of completing deliveries of the purchased goods personal data may be shared with entities responsible for completing a delivery of the purchased goods to the Customer. The entities responsible for the delivery of goods may be the following companies: Poczta Polska, UPS, DPD, DHL, TNT, Geis, FedEx, InPost, as selected by the Customer.

5. The Customers have the right to access the content of their personal data and to correct it, as well as demand its deletion or limit the processing. To this end, the Seller shall make available to the Customers an appropriate tool available in the Customer Panel under the name "MY PERSONAL INFO".

The Seller shall make every effort to protect the personal data of the customers against unauthorized access. Moreover, the Customer is obliged not to disclose login data to their Customer panel to third parties.

7. The data is provided voluntarily; the lack of data preventing the performance of the contract results in its not being concluded, therefore the Seller is exempt from the performance of the contract.

8. Personal data may be stored by the Seller for the duration of the warranty or guarantee covering the goods purchased by the Customer, in compliance with the provisions specified in item 4.

In order to perform the contract of sale, the Seller processes personal data pursuant to Article 6 (1) (A) and (B) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (2016/679) (General Data Protection Regulation), alternatively referred to as Regulation 2016/679.

Lawfulness of the processing

The Processing of personal data shall be lawful only if, and to the extent that, at least one or more of the following conditions is/are met:

a) the data subject has consented to the processing of their personal data for one or more specified purposes;

b) processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or for taking action at the request of the data subject prior to the conclusion of a contract;

- Regulation (EU) 2016/679 Article (6) (A) and (B).

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 § 10 Final provisions

In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the laws regarding online sales applicable in Poland and the EU will be binding.

2. Disputes arising in relation to these Regulations and executing contracts concluded between the Shop and Customers will be resolved by a court with jurisdiction over the seat of the Service Provider.

3. The Service Provider reserves the right to introduce changes to these Regulations with the reservation that the version of Regulations applicable at the point of a Customer placing an order applies to contracts concluded prior to changes of Regulations.